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We have a door / intercom / camera that we purchased about 10 years ago. T110. When our cable provider went to digital we lost the use of the camera on the TVs . We tried without success. Using E4200. We are giving up this option. Now with the Internet and smart phones can we use the existing camera to be viewed over the Internet? We have wireless in the house. What do we need to make this happen?

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The W-1001 would be the perfect device to convert your existing analog door camera into an IP camera for access on a smart phone, tablet, or computer. Instead of running the coaxial camera feed to your TV or TV distribution you would connect it directly to the W-1001. The W-1001 will then connect directly to your router using a Cat5/5e/6 cable. You will have to “network” the web server as it is an IP device. Once you have networked the webserver you can use the Channel Vision app to pull up the camera on your phone, tablet, or computer. If using iPhone the app is called “Channel Vision IP Cam”, if using an Android phone the app would be called “Channel Vision Security”. Once you have locally networked the web server, you will want to “port forward” so you can access the web server even when you are not at home. There are directions in the manual here for the web server that will help get the unit networked locally and give advice on how to port forward. Another helpful tool is to go to and follow the guide for your specific router. Please contact Channel Vision for more information.

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