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What intercom is compatible with Panasonic KX-TD1232?

Asked By – On November 29, 2017 – With 2 Answers


Channel Vision’s Intercom made for Panasonic phone systems and the 2 megapixel IP camera SI-7252P is a compatible setup and works with the Panasonic KX-TD1232 phone system with the Panasonic phone system card TD160/161.  In addition, any of our IU-0252P, DP-0252P, SIK-0252P-SN will also work flawlessly with the Panasonic phone system including: 
  • KX-TA624 with TA62460
  • KX-TA824 with TA82461
  • KX-TA1232 with TA123260
  • KX-TAW848 with TAW84861
  • KX-TD816 with TD160/161
  • KX-TD1232 with TD160/161
  • KX-TDA50 with KX-TDA5161
  • KX-TDA100/200/600 with KX-TDA0161 and KX-TDA0190
  • KX-TDE100/200/600 with KX-TDA0161 and KX-TDA0190
  • KX-NCP500/1000 with KX-TDA0161 and KX-NCP0190
  • KX-NS700/1000 with KX-NS5162 and KX-NS0161



  1. IU-0242P uses the volume from the Panasonic KSU, no adjustments are on the door station. For increased volume at the speaker we have 2 methods, a larger speaker at the door and rubber baffle behind the speaker forcing all of the volume out.

  2. how do you adjust volume at the outdoor unit IU-0242p?

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