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What NVR’s is this camera compatible with, please suggest few specific names in addition to technical data – Is there a way to view the video in my Honeywell Tuxedo WiFi screen? If so, please suggest technical guidelines.

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Channel Vision officially integrates with a few different NVR brands. QNAP, Next Level Security Systems, and Video Insight are three companies that have been officially tested and deemed compatible with Channel Vision cameras. Channel Vision itself will be releasing an NVR as well in the 1st quarter of 2015. As far as technical data, you can obtain technical specifications for all of our cameras on our website at and instruction manuals for each camera at . Please note some technical specifications are only found in the manual. Since the NVR’s are not manufactured by Channel Vision, the NVR technical data would have to be obtained from each individual company listed above.

Concerning your Honeywell Tuxedo WiFi screen we were able to find a manual online at  According to the manual this screen can support up to 4 cameras using an MJPEG stream. You may need to adjust the video output format for our cameras in the video settings, but per the documentation you should be able to integrate our cameras on that touch screen using the IP stream. The Honeywell Tuxedo also has an IP scan tool, please note if this does not locate the cameras on the network automatically you may have to assign the IP information for the cameras manually. Please click the manual link above and review pages 26 and 27 of the document for instruction on how to integrate IP cameras with your system.

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