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What Panasonic phone will work with the DP series intercom?

Asked By – On December 23, 2014 – With Comments Off


The DP Series intercom has 3 models. There is the DP-xxxxC which is for our whole house intercom therefore this model does not integrate with phones at all. The second model is our DP-xxxxP series, this is the “Panasonic” series door station, however it is not intended to be used with standard Panasonic digital cordless phones, this system is designed for more advanced Panasonic “KSU” telephone systems which are more common in small businesses and large homes. The series you would want is the DP-xxxx (no letter at the end), this is used in conjunction with a TE-111, P-0920, and P-0921. These systems are all currently compatible with Panasonic digital cordless phones.

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