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When the doorbell is pressed the phone system does not respond. When pressed a few times the phone system responds. I have tried all the ring tone settings but no response on the first button push at the door intercom. The output of the TE-111 is driving an Avaya phone system. Are there any known incompatibilities in this combination.

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The doorbell button in the intercom station is strictly a trigger for the TE-111, if there was a compatibility issue it would most likely lie with the TE-111 and its connection to the Avaya system, not between the intercom and the TE-111. The first question is, is this a problem that just started happening? If it was working fine for a while and this issue just started happening perhaps something has happened to cause this issue (ie. Power surge, lightning strike, etc). If it has always responded in this way it could be a compatibility between the TE-111 and your phone system but you will want to rule out all other possibilities before deciding that. You will want to test the button and the buttons connection to the TE-111 to ensure the issue is not there. For this test you will need a multi-meter. You would set the meter to “continuity” setting and remove the wires going to “Intercom” on the TE-111. Touch each wire to each of your test leads and have someone press the button and see if it creates an audible tone on your meter. This will tell you whether the button is working. Test it multiple times in a row to ensure it is consistently working and creating a tone. If it is not then we know the issue is somewhere before your controller and phone system. you will want to check your wiring, both between the door station/TE-111 and inside the door station itself. Make sure all wiring is connected properly and nothing has come loose. If the button is not making a good connection when you press it this is easily replaced. You will want to confirm this information and see if you can isolate whether it is the button or something else causing the delay in triggering your phone system. Troubleshooting this system can be a bit of a process so if possible please contact Channel Vision Technical Support via phone while you are on site and we can troubleshoot further.

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