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Modified 19″ Enclosures Save Time, Simplifies Installation

C-0119E_C-0119C_new knockouts


Costa Mesa – March 17, 2016 –Channel Vision, a leading manufacturer of technology for the Well-Connected Home, has renovated its 19” enclosures to feature larger electrical knockouts than previous models. The modification provides more space for installers to work with and facilitates the installation of networking modules. The company has also reinforced its packaging of all enclosure and cover doors to protect products from any damage inflicted while in transit.

Electrical knockouts on 19” enclosures are now 2.36”, almost an inch larger than the previous model (1.75”). With the extra space, installers will be able to work more quickly and efficiently with networking products in the enclosure.

“We aim to accommodate the installer as best as possible when designing our products” stated Channel Vision President Darrel Hauk. “Larger electrical knockouts will alleviate some of the hassle and frustration that comes with networking. A bit more space in the back and sides of the enclosure can go a long way in saving time, and therefore in keeping customers happy.”

Channel Vision has been one of the top manufacturers of structured wiring products for over 25 years and currently offers the largest selection of enclosures on the market. Enclosure sizes include 12”, 19”, 28”, 38” and 50”. The company also manufactures extension rings for 50” enclosures that allows up to 100” of functional enclosure space for larger projects.

Channel Vision recently released 12” plastic enclosures with built-in cover doors. These enclosures are sold in master packs of 5, and function as an efficient and economical solution for production builders. On the other end of the spectrum, Channel Vision’s tinted designer glass doors and framed double doors offer an attractive alternative to the typical look of a structured wiring unit for custom and luxury homes.

For more information on Channel Vision’s line of structured wiring products, visit or call 714.424.6500.

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