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New Subwoofer Amp by Channel Vision Released as Part of March Madness Promotion


Costa Mesa – February 17, 2016 –Channel Vision, a leading manufacturer of technology for the Well-Connected Home, announces the addition of the A500 Subwoofer Amplifier to its growing line of audio products.


The A500 Class-D stereo amplifier easily bridges two channels of amplification into a single, high power channel so that two subwoofers will reproduce sound with the utmost power and clarity. The amplifier is also equipped with a Control Panel for calibration which allows users to dial in the performance of their subwoofer(s) with precision.

“We are confident that the new Sub amplifier will elevate the quality of our customers’ audio systems to reach greater power-handling capability and sound clarity,” said Channel Vision President Darrel Hauk. “The A500 helps to create the ideal surround sound environment for in-home theater systems and audio systems in bars and night clubs.”

The A500 is designed with system management controls, such as the capacity to separate full-range and sub inputs to maximize signal integrity. Its ability to bridge two audio channels into one synchronized stream of amplification allows users to enjoy an effortlessly smooth surround sound experience.

For a limited time, Channel Vision is offering discounts on audio kits for every application ranging from home theater kits that include the new A500 Sub Amplifier to Bluetooth Audio Streaming kits perfect for MDUs, restaurants, hotels and more.

For more information on the A500 Subwoofer Amplifier or to take advantage of Channel Vision’s March Madness Audio Kit promotion, visit or call 714.424.6500.


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