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Recorded Webinars

Telephone Entry Systems for New & Existing Installs

Uncover the possibilities of Channel Vision’s Channel Vision’s CAT5 intercom and telephone entry systems for both new and existing installs.

Course 201: Build, Manage and Profit with an IP Surveillance System

Learn how to effectively integrate IP-based cameras, Recording Options, Web Servers and Channel Vision’s new NVR into new and existing projects.

Course 101: IP Fundamentals and Automation Integration

Learn how to effectively design and integrate IP-based cameras, Recording Options and Web Server Systems in new and existing installations.

How to Design Video Surveillance Systems

Make the most out of your jobs requiring surveillance systems by learning how to select the right camera along with complementary products that can maximize a camera’s full potential.

Creating A Central Management System (CMS)

Learn how to tap into the many features that come standard with Channel Vision’s IP cameras. This in-depth webinar will focus on creating a Central Management System (CMS) and when and where it should be used.

Aria™ Audio Distribution

Discover Channel Vision’s Aria™ Audio Systems with up to 120 Watts of power and find out why we call our ARIA whole-house audio distribution system the “best”. Learn how to design and install a complete audio matrix system for high profit and outstanding performance.

IP Camera, DVR, and Web Server Design & Installation

Upgrade your customer’s current security options — learn how to effectively integrate IP-based cameras, DVRs and Web Server Systems in new and existing installations. Master the design and installation methods of Channel Vision’s residential & commercial surveillance solutions.

Modulation For The Modern Age

Do your customers want to monitor their security cameras from their TVs but don’t think this is possible with digital cable? Think again!

Expand The Possibilities With On-Wall Docks For iPod

Discover the capabilities of being able to broadcast an iPod throughout a home or business or just in a single room.