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Audio Amplifier 100 watt AMP-Servant 3 audio source input A0351

Key Features:

  • Low Energy Consumption (deep sleep mode)
  • 100 Watt Class D Amplifier @ 8 ohms / 200 watts @ 4 ohms
  • IR Volume/Mute Control (teach amp your TV remote code)
  • Individual Volume setting per audio source OR all the same volume
  • Subwoofer Output
  • Analog RCA Audio Input
  • Cat5 Audio Input
  • TOS-LINK Digital Audio Input
  • Automatic Audio Sensed Routing
  • Cat5 IR input with 3.5mm flasher/IR repeater output
  • 1.2″ height allows this to be hidden behind the TV for enhanced sound

1.2 H x 2.75 W x 7 L
You Tube Video Explanation:

Auto-Select Input Priority
Equipped with three (3) inputs – analog RCA, analog Cat5 and digital optical Tos-link, Aria Audio’s Micro-Amplifier drives superior sound for three (3) audio devices such as Sonos, Alexa Dot, Crescendo Multi-Room Cat5 audio distribution, Blu-ray player or a cable box. This amp automatically switches to the input with an active audio signal present, selectable by either the keypad, remote control, or set it for automatic priority input to guarantee that one device (your TV for example), always stays on even if a second source turns on.  Smart Amp!

Micro-Amp size
This micro size amplifier with a height of 1.2” allows either hanging behind the flat screen TV with the key slot holes similar to Samsung TV’s connection block or by mounting inside Channel Vision’s 12” x 14” plastic structured wiring enclosure along with select audio sources such as your Cable TV box, Amazon’s Alexa Dot, Sonos Connect or Apple’s Airplay.


Learning IR Control
IR learning and control with an IR receiver (IR-2401 sold separately), allows use of your existing TV remote control. Individually program the audio inputs for either fixed or variable audio to enhance this significant feature.  For example, this allows your multi-room Sonos audio to be controlled by the Sonos app while the TV can be controlled by the TV remote.

 IR Emitter output
When using the IR Receiver or Keypad, the 3.5mm IR output is useful for passing IR control signals from the mini IR receiver on the front of your TV to the existing “hidden” equipment such as your cable TV box. Emitter/flasher: IR-3001 or IR-3002 sold separately.

Subwoofer output
The micro-amp features a subwoofer line level output allowing the connection of any powered subwoofer to be added creating a custom 2.1 “speaker-bar” application without the unsightly box speaker.


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