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Amplified 8 way splitter for cable or antenna systems CVT-2/8PIA

Key Features

  • 8 Amplified outputs: 4.5dB gain
  • Amplified return path from 5-42MHz
  • Compatible with Digital CATV Cable Systems
  • Digital and Analog Antenna  Amplifier
  • Supports one (1) modulator input


TV channels from an antenna in your zip code:

Technical Specifications

CATV Forward Path

  • Frequency Range: 54-1000 MHz
  • Gain: 54-800MHZ (Min. 5.0dB, Type 6.0dB, Max. 7.0dB), 800-860MHz (Min. 4.0dB, Type 5.0dB, 6.0dB)
  • Flatness: ±1.0dB
  • Return Loss: >14dB
  • Isolation: >18dB
  • Composite Second Order Distortions: 64dBC
  • Composite Triple Beat Distortions: 74dBC
  • Cross Modulation Distortions: 60dBC
  • Second Hum Modulation: 60dBC
  • Rated Output Level: @160 channels, 6MHz each/ +23.0dBmV
  • Power Consumption: 180mA
CATV Return Path
  • Frequency Range: 5-42MHz
  • Gain: 5-40MHz (Min. -1.0dB, Type 0dB, Max. 1.0dB), 40-42MHz (Min. -1.5MHz, Type -1.0dB, Max. 0dB)
  • Flatness: ±1.0dB
  • Return Loss: >14dB
  • Isolation: >20dB
  • Group Delay: 5 to 10MHz | 36MHz to 42MHz/ 55ns, 10 to 36MHz/ 36ns
  • Composite Second Order Distortions: 55dBC
  • Composite Triple Beat Distortions: 56dBC
  • Cross Modulation Distortions: 56dBC
  • Second Hum Modulation: 58dBC
  • Rated Output Level: +43.0dBmV
  • Power Consumption: 65mA
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