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Amplified Splitter 1×4 w/7dBmV unity gain, HDTV: ATSC antenna & QAM CATV

Channel Vision’s amplified splitter is a low noise wide band RF amplifier that is perfect for all installations with your cable tv or antenna system.  Structured wiring enclosure mount is included for use in the Channel Vision wiring enclosure.


  • 1 input 4 output Unity gain
  • Amplified all 4 out: 7dBmV each output
  • 54MHz -1000 MHz wide band
  • 5-42 dBmV output to cable in -14dB
  • Isolation: -80dBmV
  • Flatness: 2dBmV
  • RFI rejection: -130dBmV
  • power supply included

FCC Antenna channels and strength chart:

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