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Audio Streaming Source Receiver A0326

The A0326 ARIA Audio streaming source receiver provides a local wireless connection for the purpose of streaming audio from sources such as smart-phones, tablets and computers, etc with blue tooth streaming source capability to ARIA Audio equipped audio systems. When the A0326 is paired through ARIA Audio’s Android or IOS app, it will receive your selected music such as iTunes, Pandora, Spotify etc. from the smart phone to the ARIA Audio streaming source receiver. This connection will remain on until pairing is disconnected, or the streaming source device (smart phone), is out of range.  ARIA will enter a power saving mode to conserve power consumption and deep sleep after a period of no use. Upon entering into range, the connection will automatically reconnect and play music in the zone and follow the user around their home or business with multiple systems installed in select locations.  In addition, this can be set up as a multi-room installation to play in all zones simultaneously.


K E Y  F E AT U R E S:

  • ARIA’s streaming source receiver devices are intended to provide wireless communication up to 147.’
  • Receiver Module and L&R output plate can by up to 300′ away over standard cat5 cable
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Module
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Auto-Connect Pairing
  • Enriched Bass BOOST Technology
  • 3D surround sound enhancements
  • Low Energy Consumption (BLE)
  • Power supply included

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