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Bluetooth™ Wall-Dock for CAT5 Audio Systems (A0317)

Bluetooth™ Wall-Dock for CAT5 Audio Systems

Key Features:

  • Automatically connect the music from your phone when you enter the room
  • Disconnects when you leave the room, saving power
  • Senses audio to automatically override the main multi-room audio music source
  • Multi-Room distribution provided by Channel Vision’s Crescendo CAT5 Audio Systems
  • Uses CAT5 and speaker wires
  • Charges your device
  • Single room audio system or multi-room with multi-source audio systems
  • Mounts in a standard 2-gang box or 3-gang box if using a volume controller


*Optional: The Programming Cable for products with Bluetooth®  capabilities (SKU: 300-010) allows users to customize security name and pin code 

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