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Modulator 1080P HDMI input TV Channel selectable instead of HDbaseT matrix

Open Architecture HD Distribution using HDMI Modulation over coax:
Channel Vision manufactures HDMI over coax RF modulator solutions to provide high definition video with 1080P and virtually no latency with an open architecture design allowing an unlimited number of TV’s to be added to your AV system design.  Distance, adding future TV’s, Video & Audio sync all are standard feature you’ll enjoy with Channel Vision Technology.

Making it even better, our network-controlled modulators allow the installer to change settings without “rolling a truck” to be onsite.

In addition, equipment at each TV location are technologies of the past, your standard TV tuner does the work to display high definition video with superior picture quality.
What does that mean, we’ve seen equipment cost reductions of up to 60% the cost of A/V over IP and HDbaseT legacy matrix switches.

1. Equipment cost reductions around 60% the cost of AV over IP and HDbaseT legacy matrix switches
2. Virtually no latency
3. Open architecture design add AV sources and additional TV’s anytime
4. Unlimited number of TV’s can be designed into your AV system
5. Unlimited Distance to each TV by adding in-line RF amplifier
6. Future TV’s can be added with an RF splitter
7. Video & Audio sync has never been an issue
8. Network-controlled to change settings without “rolling a truck” to be onsite
9. Low Power Consumption: No additional equipment is needed at each TV location
10. Labor cost reductions are significant!
11. Future Labor & Service cost reductions are significant!
12. Use existing Coax, no need for new wiring

Expectations of 60% cost reductions with our HDMI multi-zone system

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HDMI 1.4a, HDCP 1.4
Audio input HDMI Stereo MPEG/ AAC/AC3 Dolby
1080p@30fps, 1920×1080 HD
Modulation Cable 64/256 QAM / AIR 8VSB
Output Power 35dBmV Cable / 30dBmV Air
RF output 30dBmV adjustable
Frequency 47-860 MHz
Network setup and configuration
Video bitrate: 19mbps
Encoding delay: 90~100ms
100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
12 VDC / 2amp power supply included

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Model information
File size
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