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IP Intercom System for Apartments/ MDUs/ Commercial Buildings (SIM Series)

Key Features:

  • SIP Intercom Communication
  • IP Camera with lighting illumination
  • Discrete Speaker and Microphone
  • Video Communication to the front entrance
  • Gate or Door Strike release from every unit Normally Open or Closed circuit
  • LED/LCD Screen
  • Keypad Entry and unit calling
  • Built-in Proximity Card, RFID 125KHz ID Card reader for contact-less card entry
  • Compatible with the IP touch screen room station
  • SIP 2.0 technology
  • 99 stations in the same system
  • 99,999 room stations in 1 system

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Standard colors: Textured Black, Satin Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze
*Customized colors are available upon request

** New Firmware available 11-26-2018**  contact channel vision tech services to upgrade
*** Set up each mobile phone, computer or tablet with a free SIP account

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the IP Touch Screen available in flush mount?

At this time, flush mounts for the IP touch screens are not available. However, dealers have reported recessing the touch screen into the wall using a surface mount or frame.

Can I control the touch screen externally?

Yes; users can download the Linphone app in order to control the touch screens from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Linphone is a free service and has been battle-tested with the IP touch screens. It can be downloaded for Apple™, Android™ and Windows™ devices.

Can I shut down the monitors externally?

Yes; users can shut down or put the touch screen to sleep from the Linphone app.

How many alarm zones does the IP system support?

The IP Touch Screen supports 8-way alarm interface with 3 modes: Out, Home & Sleep. Simply select the “Out,” “Home” or “Sleep” mode icon to activate the alarm sensors. The icon will light up upon selection. Upon the alarm being triggered, users enter their four digit pin code to shut off the alarm.

How many IP cameras can each Touch Screen support?

Each touch screen can support 8 IP cameras.

Which front door intercom stations can be used with the Touch Screens?

The IP Touch Screens are compatible with the SIM Elite Series IP Intercom and the SI-8000 Elite Series Intercom. The SIM Series Intercom is designed for MDU and commercial buildings. The front door station is equipped with a built-in IP camera, proximity card reader, keypad and an LCD screen that displays a scrollable directory listing. The SIM series can connect with up to 999 rooms, offices, units, apartments, etc. Visitors dial floor and room number to video call the corresponding touch screen. Residents can answer the video chat and unlock the door from the touch screen or the Linphone app.

The SI-8000 Series IP Intercom is designed for single family homes and is available in four distinct finishes: oil rubbed bronze, textured black, satin nickel and white. The SI-8000 IP intercom connect to any number of touch screen stations you would like to include in the home. Upon a visitor ringing the doorbell, a video push notification will be sent to the touch screen and/or the Linphone app.

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